Protecting your home and business

Protect Your Home

At Cameratec we recognise the important of keeping your home and family safe. By purchasing one of our sophisticated security systems, you’re doing all you can to maintain a safe and secure home environment.

Protect Your Business

​Your business is your livelihood. With Cameratec you’re reducing the risk of suffering the emotional and financial damage caused by burglary – not to mention the disruption to your business and loss if income.

Control and monitor your home from anywhere

With our smart home security cameras, you have the freedom to monitor and control your security systems on the go. Remote access allows you to check your CCTV footage from home or abroad, day or night and save video evidence in just a few simple clicks. Experience complete peace of mind knowing that you’ve done all you can to ensure a safe home and secure business.

What Our Customers Say

Commercial Excellence

We’ve worked with a wide range of high-profile commercial clients.